Delicious Detroit-style pizza displayed on a table at Pi-Squared Pizza in Arden, NC

Detroit Style Italian

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Genoa Salami, Spicy Pepperoni, Ham, Lettuce, Provolone, Tomatoes, Onions, Italian Dressing.

Dive into the heart of Detroit with Pi Squared Pizza Arden’s signature Detroit Style Italian dish. This authentic Detroit style pizza boasts a deep dish crust that’s perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Topped with flavorful Genoa Salami, spicy pepperoni, and succulent ham, every bite is a delightful journey to the streets of Detroit. The pizza is adorned with fresh lettuce, provolone cheese, juicy tomatoes, and onions, all brought together with a zesty Italian dressing.

Whether you’re a fan of Detroit style deep dish pizza or new to the Detroit pizza scene, this square style pizza is a must-try. Experience the real Detroit pizza magic with every slice, and let the Detroit style crust transport you to a pizzeria in the heart of Detroit. Order online and savor the authentic taste of Detroit style pizza at Pi Squared Pizza Arden.