What Makes Our Detroit-style Pizza So Genius?


It helps to have some background knowledge in order to appreciate why Pi-Squared is the most logical method to eat Detroit-style pizza. After World War II, American servicemen returning from Europe began clamoring for the deep-dish pizza they had grown to love abroad, which served as the inspiration for this particular pie.

The call for this culinary oddity echoed throughout Detroit until it arrived at the door of a popular Prohibition-era speakeasy (commonly referred to as a “blind pig”), where the enterprising owner used his Sicilian wife’s family dough recipe to create an entirely new pizza variety. This pizza had a thick, moist crust layered with pepperoni and made crispy around the edges by an infusion of baked cheese, and was then finished with seasoned tomato sauce.

The audience went crazy for this Motor City miracle, which was cooked in square steel pans similar to those used by the city’s flourishing automobile industry, so the owner clearly wasn’t naive to its success. Even today, similar baking dishes are used to honor the history of this delicious pie. The thick, chewy/crispy crust of a Detroit pizza is an integral aspect of the pizza’s overall flavor and texture, making it very different from thin-crust pizzas that merely contain the toppings. Those who have experienced it themselves may attest to the severity of the symptoms described. If you’ve had it, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, well, your mouth is about to get an education.

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Why Pi Squared Just Makes Sense

There seems to be a pizza joint on every block these days that serves the Detroit style, but fierce rivalry has led many to slash prices, service, and quality. Some establishments have stuck to serving only the tried and true. We realized that fans of Detroit-style pie needed wiser, healthier, and more variety-rich options, so we came up with new ways to infuse our delectable squares with huge flavors that energize and set the taste-buds ablaze. We like to think of our pizzas as the Motor City equivalent of Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2.

It’s All About Your Pizza Choices

Of course Pi-Squared recognizes the genius of the original Detroit recipe as a true classic, but we were also inspired to revolutionize our menu by offering a Big Bang of choices you won’t find anywhere else — intriguing artisan combinations like our sauceless “Fig-et About It” Pi with mission figs, gorgonzola, our custom blend of brick and mozzarella cheeses, crushed red pepper seeds, and a drizzle of honey, and our tangy-but-sweet BBQ Mango Pi. All of our delectable pies can be made with your choice of crust, whether you want the thicker crust of a classic pie or the thinner cracker crust. In our universe, thick and thin, bold and subtle, modern and traditional all have equal footing; the only rule we enforce is that all of our piping hot Pi is prepared from scratch every day using only the finest, healthiest ingredients.

What’s in a Name?

If you round the number for Pi (3.14159265359), you get 3.14, which also happens to be Einstein’s birthday, March 14. Combine the inherent braininess of Pi with the square shape of our pizza and you get Pi-Squared, a name paying homage to both the form and function of our recipes. We’re the smart choice because we utilize only superior- quality ingredients including fresh, handmade dough, all-natural, finest-quality mozzarella and Italian cheeses, and organic local produce whenever available. Our ingredients are both delectable to the palette and sensible to the mind and body, making our “Pi’s” works of pure genius.

More Than Pizza – Wings, Subs, and More!

Need a side or an alternative? You do, of course. Due to our commitment to quality, flavor, and diversity, we also offer incredible subs, wings, calzones, and salads. All of these steps were taken to elicit one potent response: complete, unadulterated happiness.

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