Detroiter Pizza, topped with spicy pepperoni and Italian seasoning, served by Pi Squared Pizza Arden

The Detroiter

$ 0.00

Spicy Pepperoni, Italian Seasoning



Indulge in the authentic taste of Detroit at Pi Squared Pizza Arden with our signature dish, “The Detroiter.” This Detroit-style pizza boasts a unique blend of spicy pepperoni and aromatic Italian seasoning, capturing the essence of Detroit pizza in every bite. With its crispy fried bottom crust, our Detroit deep-dish pizza is a delightful treat for all pizza enthusiasts.

Whether you’re searching for the best pizza near Asheville, Fletcher, Black Mountain, Brevard NC or simply craving a slice of pizza Detroit style, “The Detroiter” is sure to satisfy. Join us and experience the rich flavors of Detroit pizza near you. Don’t miss out on this Detroit-style pizza sensation – it’s a taste of the Motor City right here in Arden, NC!